A complete list of publications can be found at ADS

Below is the list of selected publications since 2010

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  2. [2012/07] 'Testing the Hypothesis that Methanol Maser Rings Trace Circumstellar Disks: High Resolution Near-IR and Mid-IR Imaging', De Buizer, J. M., Bartkiewicz, A., Szymczak, M.
  3. [2012/05] 'Milliarcsecond structure of water maser emission in two young high-mass stellar objects associated with methanol masers', Bartkiewicz, A., Szymczak, M., van Langevelde, H. J.
  4. [2012/01] 'Polarization properties of OH masers in AGB and post-AGB stars', Wolak, P., Szymczak, M., Gérard, E.
  5. [2011/06] 'Periodic variability of 6.7 GHz methanol masers in G22.357+0.066', Szymczak, M., Wolak, P., Bartkiewicz, A., van Langevelde, H.J.
  6. [2011/01] 'VLA observations of water masers towards 6.7 GHz methanol maser sources', Bartkiewicz, A., Szymczak, M., Pihlström, Y. M., van Langevelde, H. J., Brunthaler, A., Reid, M. J.
  7. [2010/11] 'Outburst OH maser activity in the envelopes of S Persei and VX Sagittarii', Szymczak, M., Wolak, P., Gérard, E., Richards, A.M.S.