Torun Methanol Source Catalogue

The Torun Methanol Source Catalogue (TMSC) contains 284 methanol maser sources at 6.7 GHz observed over a period of two months with the Torun 32 m radio telescope. It provides methanol spectral line data with an angular resolution of 5.5 arcmin and a spectral channel spacing of 0.043 km/s. A typical rms noise in the Stokes I spectra is ~0.2 Jy. TMSC represents a complete sample of all objects north of declination of δ = −22 deg and brighter than 7.5 Jy at peak. The positions of sub-arcsecond accuracy are updated for 76% of the objects.

TMSC can be searched by the source name, the equatorial and galactic coordinates search. The following information is available:
1. The source name derived from its galactic coordinates. N.B. that three significant decimal digits in each coordinate are given for the sources observed with interferometric arrays.
2. The alternative name of the source.
3. The J2000 Right ascension.
4. The J2000 Declination.
5. The velocity range of emission at the 3σ level, ∆V[km/s].
6. The velocity of peak flux, Vp[km/s].
7. The peak flux density, Sp[Jy].
8. The integrated flux density, Si[Jy km/s].
9. The reference for the first detection.
10. The reference for the coordinates.
11. The remarks on the multiple sources unresolved with the beam and on possible confusion effect.

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